Conor Anthony McGregor

Submission in martial arts. What means?

Submission in martial arts is one of the options for ending a fight. MMA and UFC use striking and wrestling techniques. The last model of conducting a duel gave rise to the specified concept. Let’s deal with the situation in more detail.

What is a submission?

The word has English roots. In the original, the term is written as “submission”. The essence is simple: one fighter must force the other to surrender. Surrender occurs by patting the palm on the floor or the opponent. The referee in such cases immediately stops the fight. Sometimes it is possible to surrender “in words.” This happens if the fighter tightly fixed the opponent’s hands. It is impossible for another athlete to slap the floor or an opponent.

What are the types of submissions?

The experts divide the submission into 2 groups. It is customary to allocate painful and suffocating techniques. The first are divided into 3 classes:

  • Infringements. When performing the technique, the fighter fixes and squeezes the soft tissues of the opponent. An attack of pain forces the athlete to give up.
  • Nodes. In such a situation, one of the fighters twists the opponent’s joint. Most often used on bent limbs.
  • Levers. During the execution of the reception, the fighter affects the opponent’s limb against its normal anatomical fold.

Pain techniques can be performed with different joints. In the UFC, the rules allow even the spinal column to be affected. The martial arts regulations prohibit holding painful holds on the fingers and toes.

When performing a submission, you can use the opponent’s choke. A person can squeeze the diaphragm or trachea.In rare cases, a reception is performed on the occipital artery or jugular vein. The result is oxygen deficiency. Lack of air forces the opponent to surrender to the mercy of the winner.

Intervention of the judges during the submission

In rare cases, judges intervene during the recruitment process. Some athletes endure until the last second. When suffocating, they lose consciousness, may face a painful shock. The referee stops the fight, provides first aid. It is important to stop the fight in a timely manner, otherwise irreparable things may happen.

What you need to know about sports betting submission?

First, the term must be defined. Submission is understood as voluntary surrender. Knockouts, technical knockouts, refusal to fight do not apply to this term.

Bookmakers offer players a submission bet during a fight. Such outcomes can be found in the “Winning Method” section.

The operator also gives the market a way to win in combat. Submission is highlighted in a separate column.

It is real for the user to earn on such rates. However, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the fighters. Painful techniques are often used by adherents of sambo and jiu-jitsu. Fans of this technique often end the fight ahead of schedule. A prime example is Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Russian has revolutionized the UFC. Excellent wrestling technique helped the athlete win the highest title and leave undefeated. Some experts called Khabib’s success the decline of martial arts. Percussion technique did not play a role. There is no point in developing speed and attack power in opposition to a good wrestler. One grip is enough to transfer the fight to the ground. Next is the matter of technology.