broken racket

Bet “Player breaks racket” in tennis

Bets “The player will break the racket” in the list of betting companies rarely appear. This type of bet can only be found in top competitions (Grand Slams and Masters). Therefore, it will not work to make this market the basis of earnings in betting.

“The player will break the racket”: features of the bet

Emotionality in big sport rolls over. To achieve the desired results, athletes make tremendous efforts. Problems on the court often cause additional aggression, the tennis player loses control of the situation and lets off steam in all available ways. Often it comes to broken rackets.

Bookmakers offer to make money on the nerves of athletes. The client is offered to bet on the fact that the racket breaks in the match. The coefficients of such an outcome are at the level of 10-11 points. Bookmakers do not allow you to bet on the opposite result. In some cases, the outcome “No” appears, but the final odds are located near the mark of 1.1 points or less. The reason for such odds is the probability of the event:

  • the fact of racket breakage is an exceptional phenomenon. The chances of entering bets are low, so the bookmaker makes the game on the market as profitable as possible;
  • a more measured and calm game is more common. The bookmakers reflect this with low odds.

The second feature of the bet is the rarity of appearance in the painting. The bet on “The player will break the racket” appears only in top tournaments. And in this case, bookmakers do not add such a betting option to the list very often. It is difficult to find a market in the offers of bookmakers.

Where to look for statistics and how to analyze matches?

The rules forbid tennis players from inflicting deliberate damage to rackets. However, professional athletes simply love these spectacular actions. And he let off steam, and pleased the audience. Researchers from The New York Times found that from 1998 to 2018, 745 referee warnings came from broken rackets. Direct statistics of such actions cannot be found. Stan Wawrinka is still considered the king of broken shells. The Swiss accompanies any surge of emotions with the crash of the racket.

Previously, Novak Djokovic practiced such an outlet for emotions. Gradually, however, the Serb changed his approach to the game. The athlete is now trying to deal with excessive tension in other ways. Daniil Medvedev, Andrei Rublev, Alexander Zverev, Nick Kiryos should also not be written off.

The record for broken racket belongs to Russian Marat Safin. In 1999, he broke 48 rackets in a season.

In reality, it is impossible to predict such actions of an athlete. For bets, we recommend choosing the games of “crushers” of rackets and athletes who are inconvenient for them. Emotionality in such meetings often rolls over. The result is a splash of negativity on the inventory. It is virtually impossible to give other advice.

Is this market worth using?

Bets on “The player will break the racket” cannot be called a stable source of income in betting. Bets appear rarely, it is difficult to predict matches. We recommend that you perceive the market as an ordinary entertainment. This market does not claim more. When choosing bets, it is better to play on the outcome of “Yes”.The coefficients reach the level of 10-11 points. To get a plus when using the Miller plateau, a patency of 10-15% is required. We do not recommend setting it to “No”. For a profitable game, the better needs to show the accuracy of the results in 85-95%. It is impossible to achieve such numbers.