Sportingbet is one of the most reputable bookmakers in the UK. Sportingbet started its activity in 1998, which was mainly aimed at the US audience.

But the US government banned online gambling and the company was tempted to leave the US market, thereby switching to other countries. What is not done, happens for good – this is how you can describe the further development of Sportingbet. After leaving the US, Sportingsbet has built muscle already in Europe and succeeded there.

Today, more than 4 million customers play Sportingbet. And to maintain a positive image of the company very often engaged in sponsorship. BC Sportingbet signed sponsorship agreements with football clubs Steaua, Wolverhampton, Slavia and was a sponsor of Euroleague Basketball.

Reputation and credibility are very important for Sportingbet, so we can confidently say that this bookmaker guarantees reliability.

Sportingbet website

The site is designed conservatively, convenient and easy to use and navigate. The color scheme of the site is light, so it does not tire the user with excessive brilliance or darkening. On the site you can find a section with statistics that will illustrate to you as much as possible the pros and cons of your future bet.

Interestingly, the site has a “Winners” section, where you can find information about the biggest winnings over the past month. It happens that you can stumble upon an example of such a lucky person who won more than 150,000 from a bet of $15.For better navigation through available events, users are helped by the “Today” section, which will tell the player about all available matches and fights in all sports today.

Events and odds

The Sportingbet betting line is quite wide. Compared to other bookmakers, we can say that it can easily compete with bet giants. In addition to the most popular sports on the site, you can also find bets on more specific sports: cricket, baseball, American football, other American and English sports.

Among the types of bets, the time match has become very popular, which attracts more and more players. Its essence is to guess, for example, in football, the outcome of the first half and the result of the match.

A very wide range of bets on the individual results of players in team competitions, which also pleases fans of betting. In addition, Sportingbet provides a wide range of bets on the exact score of matches. It is possible to bet on rather rare results, for example, 6:1 in football.

For professional players, this bookmaker is not very suitable, because here the odds are not the highest, although they are competitive. But the margin is only about 6%. As a result, we can say that it will be interesting and comfortable for beginners and just players with experience to play here, and the pros will be able to grimace only at not the highest odds.


The live line here is very good. On the bookmaker’s website they are called In-play bets. Sportingbet has a particular attitude to this type of bet, since it is life bets that bring about 60% of the turnover of this office.There are even such statistics that in the evening of the weekend there are about 4000 simultaneous bets.

The minimum bet in live mode is only 50 cents. This helps to attract beginners to a new “live” type of betting without the risk of losing a large amount of confusion.

In a general overview of the live line, we can summarize that the choice of matches is huge, the odds are much higher than in the pre-match line, and the calculation of bets is fast and efficient.

In addition, Sportingbet will delight you with a large selection of video broadcasts. You should also pay attention to the “quick bet” option, which allows you to instantly place a bet in one click. To do this, you specify in advance the amount you want to bet and click on the odds. After that, your bet is instantly accepted. For tennis fans, this office is also perfect, because you can bet on games in the Live line.

Betting limits

The limits here are quite high. This is especially true for express trains. But professional players and arbers can “cut” the score.